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The surging popularity of free property management software has been a phenomenon in recent times. This can be attributed to the advantages it brings to the table for landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals alike. Through its automation prowess, encompassing rent collection, maintenance requests, lease management, financial reporting, and more, free property management software has emerged as a game‐changer in the industry.

In this article, we will be exploring the various free property management apps options that are in the market. Thus, we have meticulously curated a list of the top‐notch free property management software solutions that offer unrivaled features without putting a dent in your budget.

Unraveling the Untold Benefits of Free Property Management Software

The manifold benefits of property management software are undeniable, rendering it an indispensable tool for real estate professionals. Let’s delve into the key advantages that make it a force to be reckoned with:

Seamless Operations

Free property management software is a master of automation, streamlining a plethora of tasks, ranging from rent collection and lease management to maintenance requests and financial reporting. This unshackles property managers from tedious operational burdens, saving valuable time and effort. It empowers them to focus on strategic and value‐added endeavors, amplifying their efficacy and productivity.

Enhanced Communication

Free property management software serves as a centralized hub for seamless communication among property managers, tenants, and owners. Its online portals, automated notifications, and messaging features facilitate effortless and efficient communication, mitigating the chances of miscommunication or missed messages. This ushers in a new era of enhanced communication, fostering harmonious relationships among stakeholders.

Better Tenant Management

It unlocks the true potential of tenant management, optimizing tenant screening, lease management, and rent collection. It streamlines tenant‐related processes, such as tenant applications, lease renewals, and rent reminders, ensuring prompt and accurate management of tenant affairs. This brings orderliness and efficiency to the process of tenant management, leaving no room for errors or delays.


Top Free Property Management Software You Must Know

This section will be highlighting and briefly discussing some of the best free property management apps on the internet today. These have got advanced and sophisticated features you can use.



(4.9/5‑star rating) Free Version


Oownee Property Manager is a comprehensive property management software solution designed to streamline and simplify various aspects of managing residential and commercial properties. This powerful platform offers an array of features for property owners, property managers, and tenants to efficiently manage rentals, condos, HOA, apartments, buildings, townhouse complexes, and multi‐family properties.


  • Multiple User Access

  • Dashboard & Reporting and Accounting

  • Tenant and Owner Portals

  • Rent Collection & Invoicing

  • Maintenance Management

  • Document Management Storage

  • Condo Manager, Rental Manager

  • Communication Tools – Emailing

  • Accounting & Financial Management

  • Customizable & Scalable

  • Web + Mobile + App

The list we present is only a part of the functionality of oownee, it is certainly the most powerful software and it offers a free access, you can manage a single unit up to a complete building without any problem, we were amazed by the quality they offer, they largely surpass the others, go to their website to see all the features and try their free version. They are up to date and we can see the difference with other software that are old and complex, oownee is recent hyper fluid simple … we are really amazing.


(4.7/5‑star rating)

This game‐changing software is a beacon of efficiency, offering essential functionalities such as tenant and lease management, rent collection, expense tracking, and maintenance requests. All of these are seamlessly integrated into a single platform.



  • Mobile app for on‐the‐go management

  • Financial reporting to keep track of your property’s financial health

  • Accounting integrations for seamless financial management


(4.6/5‑star rating)

This free property management software is highly suitable for managing smaller portfolios, providing an array of noteworthy features such as efficient tenant and lease management, streamlined rent collection, meticulous expense tracking, and seamless document management. Its interface boasts of a simplistic yet intuitive design that facilitates ease of use.



  • Document management for organized storage and retrieval of important property‐related documents

  • Suitable for smaller portfolios, making it a cost‐effective solution for landlords with fewer properties

  • Offers essential features such as rent collection, expense tracking, and maintenance requests

  • Financial reporting to keep track of your property’s financial performance


(4.6/5‑star rating)

Avail, a cost‐free property management application, has been meticulously crafted for landlords who oversee a single unit. This dynamic software has an extensive range of features, including thorough tenant screening, seamless online lease signing, and highly customizable applications. In addition, Avail offers an array of financial reporting options and efficient maintenance request tracking.



  • Customizable applications for prospective tenants to submit their information and rental history

  • Background checks to ensure the suitability of potential tenants

  • Lease e‑signing for efficient and paperless lease management


(4.6/5‑star rating)

Landlordy continues to leave an indelible impression on its users. This is due to how it makes real estate professionals and landlords to be more effective and efficient in their business. It may be free but the features it possesses don’t suggest such in any way.



  • Tenant and lease management features to keep track of tenant information, lease terms, and rent payments

  • Document management for storing and organizing important documents related to your property, such as lease agreements, inspection reports, and tenant information

  • Reminders to help you stay organized and keep track of important tasks such as rent payments, lease renewals, and maintenance schedules

Property Matrix

(4.5/5‑star rating)

This complimentary property management software offers an array of robust features, including comprehensive tenant and lease management, streamlined rent collection, seamless accounting integrations, and maintenance tracking. Some users may find the interface to be relatively complex when compared to other available options though.



  • Accounting integrations to easily sync property‐related financial data with accounting software for efficient financial management

  • Free plan available, although limited to 10 units, making it a cost‐effective option for small property portfolios

  • Suitable for managing multi‐unit properties and portfolios, providing robust features for larger‐scale property management needs


(4.5/5‑star rating)

Innago, a complimentary property management software, has come a long way since its inception a few years ago. Despite initial skepticism, this software has exceeded expectations and is now widely regarded as one of the best options available. The sheer comprehensiveness of features offered by Innago to end users is truly remarkable. Just imagine, being able to effectively manage your property without spending a single dime!



  • Digital lease signing

  • Tenant screening

  • Custom lease templates

  • And more

Rentec Direct

(4.4/5‑star rating)

Undoubtedly, Rentec Direct continues to stand out as one of the most comprehensive free property management software options available to users. This can be attributed to its distinct features and numerous benefits that it brings to the table. With Rentec Direct, managing rental properties becomes incredibly effortless, surpassing even the wildest of imaginations.



  • It has user‐friendly mobile app for on‐the‐go management

  • There are communication tools that streamline tenant interactions

  • Expenses can be accurately tracked real‐time


(4.4/5‑star rating)

When it comes to virtual property tours, EyeSpy360 is the go‐to software that surpasses all expectations without any compromise. Just imagine the convenience of inspecting properties from the comfort of your own home! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast array of features and benefits that this remarkable tool has to offer.



  • Easy embedding and sharing

  • Interactive property viewing experience

  • Immersive virtual property tours

  • Advanced analytics and reporting


(4.4/5‑star rating)

This property management software has proven to be a formidable competitor among the heavyweights in the market today, making it truly deserving of being mentioned among the best options available. And the best part? You can explore its amazing features without even having to pay a dime upfront!



  • Automated Income and Expense Tracking

  • Tax Reporting

  • Property Performance Analytics

  • Collaborative Team Access

(4.3/5‑star rating) is a well‐known online platform that facilitates the connection between renters and rental properties throughout the United States. It boasts an extensive database of listings and offers robust search tools that simplify the process of finding the perfect home for renters.



  • Interactive 3D floor plans

  • It allows video tours

  • Accuracy of listings is verified

  • It provides detailed neighborhood information for listings

  • It has customized search filters


(4.3/5‑star rating)

Buildium is a free property management software that helps landlords and property managers streamline their operations and improve their property management workflows. With powerful features and intuitive user interface, Buildium offers a robust solution for managing rental properties efficiently.



  • Customizable online portals for owners, residents, and vendors

  • Automated rent payments and late fee calculations

  • Robust financial reporting and accounting features


(4.2/5‑star rating)

DoorLoop is a user‐friendly property management software specifically designed for small and mid‐sized landlords. Its simple and intuitive platform automates various property management tasks.

  • Integrated messaging and communication tools for landlords and tenants

  • Automated lease renewals and rent increases

  • Tenant screening and background checks


(4.2/5‑star rating)

ezLandlordForms is a web‐based property management software that aims to simplify the process of creating, editing, and managing lease agreements and other legal documents for landlords. ezLandlordForms offers a convenient and efficient solution for creating legally compliant documents.


  • Extensive library of customizable legal forms and templates

  • Online rent collection and payment tracking

  • Document management and electronic signatures for leases as well as other documents


(4.1/5‑star rating)

This software helps landlords streamline their rental property management tasks, from listing properties to screening tenants and managing leases.


  • Online rental applications and screening for prospective tenants

  • Tenant credit and background checks

  • Customizable listings with syndication to popular rental listing websites


(4.1/5‑star rating)

Azibo is a cloud‐based free property management software that caters specifically to the needs of small landlords and property managers. It offers a simplified platform with essential features for efficiently managing rental properties, including rent tracking, maintenance requests, and tenant communication.


  • Simplified and easy‐to‐use platform designed for small landlords

  • Rent tracking and automated late fee calculations

  • Maintenance request tracking and communication tools for landlords and tenants


(4.0/5‑star rating)

With DealCheck, you don’t have to worry about carrying out seamless real estate transactions with your potential buyers. This is because the software takes care of many aspects. In other words, you will experience the best of automation while using it.



  • Comprehensive tools and calculators for detailed financial analysis and property valuation

  • Investment projections to help real estate investors make informed decisions


(4.0/5‑star rating)

Alphaletz, a cutting‐edge free property management software, embodies an avant‐garde approach in providing a seamless and user‐friendly platform to oversee both residential and commercial properties.



  • User‐friendly platform designed for effective residential and commercial property management

  • Efficient features for day‐to‐day operations and tenant management


(3.9/5‑star rating)

This free property management software, endeavors to simplifies the complex and intricate process of overseeing rental properties. Through its centralized dashboard, Unitdash offers a comprehensive overview of all properties, tenants, and maintenance requests, providing landlords and property managers with a seamless and convenient solution to efficiently monitor and track their properties in a single, consolidated location.



  • Cloud‐based solution with a centralized dashboard for easy monitoring and tracking of properties, tenants, and maintenance requests

  • User‐friendly and intuitive interface


(3.9/5‑star rating)

SendWork, an unparalleled free property management software, presents a distinctive fusion of property management with on‐demand services. This innovative platform empowers landlords and property managers to seamlessly request and oversee a plethora of services, including maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and more, all within a single, unified platform.



  • Combines property management with on‐demand services for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, etc. within the same platform

  • Convenient delegation of tasks to trusted service providers


(3.9/5‑star rating)

PortfolioBay is a property management software that specializes in helping real estate investors manage and analyze their property portfolios. With its tracking and reporting features, PortfolioBay provides a comprehensive overview of the performance and financials of multiple properties, helping investors make data‐driven decisions about their real estate investments.



  • Specializes in managing and analyzing property portfolios for real estate investors

  • Portfolio tracking and reporting features for performance and financial overview of multiple properties

Final Verdict

The above mentioned free real estate management software are the best you can find on the market. They will undoubtedly help you boost your real estate business. So don’t hesitate to choose the one that meets your expectations. We recommend oownee, which is for us the most powerful and complete tool, the most recent, the easiest to use, that’s why we recommend it

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