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Oownee’s main differentiators are their all‐in‐one property management solution, which allows for streamlined communication and access to convenient tools, and their 360‐degree approach to property management. They offer a range of features such as rental property management, quick communication, easy management, HOA, ACP, Syndic, Trustee management, condo manager, building manager, incident report manager center system, cloud storage with military grade encryption, agenda, mailing, message system, meeting manager, members, tenants, and suppliers manager, among others. Additionally, they have pricing plans to suit everyone from single property owners to those managing multiple properties.

Here is a list of the example features offered by Oownee:


Lease Management: Oownee allows you to manage leases and tenants, create leases, collect rent and track tenant payments.

Accounting Management: Oownee offers integrated accounting for property owners and managers to manage property finances, automate invoices and track expenses.

Maintenance Management: Oownee allows you to track maintenance requests and create tickets for necessary repairs. Tenants can submit maintenance requests via the online portal, and managers can assign tasks to service providers and track their progress.

Communication: Oownee offers integrated communication tools that allow property managers to communicate with tenants and service providers in real time. Owners can also send important notifications to tenants, such as payment and maintenance reminders.

Meeting Scheduling: Oownee provides meeting scheduling and organization capabilities for resident associations and owners. Owners can schedule meetings with tenants and service providers to discuss issues, share ideas and make important decisions.


Incident Management: Oownee allows owners and managers to track incidents and events at their properties, such as weather damage, security incidents and insurance claims. Owners can also generate incident and maintenance reports to identify trends and recurring issues.

Expense Management Dashboard: Seamlessly monitor and manage expenses with a quick view on a control panel.

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Oownee also offers other features, such as service provider management, Tenants and members acces, inventory management, document management and financial reporting. These capabilities can help private and public property owners and managers, as well as associations, effectively manage their assets and improve their profitability, maintenance and quality of life for occupants.
They can reduce costs and increase security through maintenance and monitoring. So don’t hesitate and try oownee for your property management.

You can find more information and try for free on www.oownee.com

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